5 Tips for Buying the perfect Christmas Gift

5 Tips for Buying the perfect Christmas Gift

If you find Christmas coming around far too quickly than you could have ever possibly thought and are again wondering, what Christmas gifts am I going to buy for everyone this year?! Here are some of our top tips to help you decide what to put on your Christmas shopping list. 

1.Create a hamper 

Hampers offer a great way to purchase lots of little 'stocking fillers' and then group them to create a beautiful gift for your loved ones. What's great about hampers, is that you can create a hamper for everyone. From your mother, partner, dog and best friend, there are always stocking fillers for each customer group, so all you need to do is group together some fillers in a cute hamper basket or box for a very thoughtful Christmas gift. 

Our signature soy wax candles, make the perfect addition to many holiday hampers. 

 2.Personalisation is key 

A great way to offer a thoughtful Christmas gift this Christmas is via personalisation. Nothing says considerate more than buying your friends and family, gifts that are personalised especially for them. 

When shopping for your Christmas gift, look for products that you can personalise to show that you truly put a log of thought into your presents. 

3.Give the gift that keeps on giving 

Subscription boxes and services are huge at the moment and for good reason! Who doesn't want to receive a new lovely treat delivered to them every month!? A great gift to give this Christmas season is a subscription box, that will keep giving to your loved ones, even after the holiday season. We have our own Limited Editon Candle and Melts subscription service, here at Bisou Candle Co. Each month we deliver a new and exclusive scent via our subscription box in a candle and a season box of wax melts also. 

4.Give the gift of fun!

You can never have too much fun, right? A great alternative to your normal physical gifts is the gift of experience. Treat your friends and family to experience. The more obscure the better how about, a crafting session learning how to make something new? An art session to try out some painting or a racing car experience for the thrill-seekers in your family. 

5.Feel good giving 

We all have that one friend or family member who insists you never get them anything around the holiday season. If this leaves you feeling a bit in limbo over what to do? Or guilty by not giving them anything at all, then offer to gift them a gift to someone else in need. Many charities and charitable causes, can now offer you the chance to donate, something on someone else behalf. At this time of year, what not honour your loved one, by donating to a child in need at this time of year, who could do with an unexpected gift. 

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