Top Tips to Get the Best Scent Throw From Your Candles

Top Tips to Get the Best Scent Throw From Your Candles

If you are like most of our customers, then you desire for your modern and sophisticated home, to be filled with a long-lasting elegant scent to compliment your classy aesthetic. A home fragrance that is pleasant, long-lasting without being abrasive and toxic. 

During the development of our signature collection, modern millennial women advised us that they wanted a home fragrance collection that represented, their chic style and most importantly offered elegant scents that truly filled their homes with lasting fragrance.  

"Bisou Candle Co combines chic design and high-quality fragrance oils to fill modern homes with long-lasting sophisticated scents."

The scent from candles is called, throw. Cold throw for candles that are not lit and solid wax, and hot throw for candles that are lit with melting wax. The amount of scent from a candle can vary between cold and hot throws, but it is important that both deliver well.

Candles and the uses for candles can vary quite a lot, however, if you want to know how to get the best scent throw from your candles, keep reading for our top tips on how to achieve this.

On the first use, burn your candles for at least an hour

When you first burn your candle ensure that you do not extinguish the flame until there is a full melt pool across the top.

The melt pool is the top layer of melting wax, as the wax burns to the perimeter of the candle, it should not be extinguished until the melted wax has made its way right to the edge of your container. This takes typically around an hour or two, depending on the size of the candle.

The fragrance has the best chance to fully be released once a full melt pool has been achieved. This also helps to prevent any tunnelling from your candle. 


Keep your candles away from draughts and wind

Place your candles in the best possible place in your home to achieve the optimal levels of the scent throw. Always avoid placing your candles near a draught, such as an opened window or air conditioning unit, as this can distort and evaporate the fragrance.

Keep your wick trimmed

Trim your wicks regularly to ensure you get the best burn from your candles. Keep your wicks trimmed between 0.5cm and 0.6cm. A wick trimmer is helpful, for once your candle starts to melt lower into the container and the wick becomes harder to reach.


Not all candles are made equally

The fragrance from candles are most often derived from fragrance oils, invest in candle brands such as Bisou Candle Co, that use quality fragrance oils that blend well with candle wax to offer pleasant-smelling candles, and also long-lasting scent.

If you are looking for a sophisticated home fragrance, that offers a pleasant long-lasting aroma. Then our signature collection of candles offer exactly that.

We use high-quality fragrance oils to get an optimum level of scent delivered throughout your home.

To make things even better we believe that our products shouldn't be toxic or harmful to our furry friends, so we use 100% natural soy wax, which is completely plant-based.

Check our our signature collection here and select a sophisticated home fragrance solution for your home.

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