How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Bedroom is the place where you rest, do romance and spend the most relaxing period of a day. The room should be full of energy that will energise you to face the daily chores and make your life a beautiful one. The best for that is using feng shui in your bedroom. A Feng Shui Bedroom is a room where you will find vibrant and nourishing energy.

In order to have a Feng Shui Bedroom you do not need too many things but a few dos and don’ts.

Layout of the bedroom

The most important and first thing to consider is the Feng Shui bedroom layout. The way you keep different items in your bedroom has a lot to do with your mood.
The most important thing is the bed itself and it holds the commanding position in your room. It should be placed in such way that you can directly see the entrance door, but it should not be aligned with the door as it is not considered as safe in Feng shui.

Apart from the bed you need to take acre of the other items that you have. Do not clutter the bedroom with too many furniture. Remember that the mirror should be placed in such way that it does not gets any reflection of your bed. It welcomes third party in your marriage.

Avoid having any workstation or electronics goods in the bedroom is not a good idea at all. They will hindrance your energy. Whenever you open a television in your room you are welcoming strangers in your bedroom which is not good.

Colour of the bedroom

In Feng Shui bedroom colours also plays a major role in making up your mood and keeping you energized. Mostly light colors are favored. Off whites, peaches tones, creams, chocolate browns are one that are full of peaceful vibes and promotes maximum sensuality. A soft tallow is alos good. Remember that you do not overdo any particular color. Use proper mix and match of the colors in your walls as well as the pillows and curtains.

Light plays a major role

Bedroom lighting is also important to make your bedroom feng shui right. During the day there should be a lot of natural lights, in the evening soft light is preferred and during night it should be black. When you are exposed to sunlight in the morning your serotonin level is influenced making your day. Evening lights should be dim that will help you take rest after a tiring day and nights must be dark that gives you opportunity to explore each other.

There must be beauty scattered

Finally, remember that anything beautiful is always great and you must promote that. You should choose such objects that depicts your inner soul, be that peace, love or prosperity. They are the ones that you see last before you go to sleep and the first thing that you see after opening your eyes in the morning. Thus choose them judiciously.

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