How to Use Wax Melts

How to Use Wax Melts

How to Use Wax Melts

Everybody loves that the air inside their home is fresh and smells good and the best way for that had been burning scented candles, even since recent past. However, if you want to supplement your love of candles them you can use Wax melts. 

As the scented wax melts gets warm they start releasing fragrance. The heat may be given from a tea light candle, bulb, or through electric power. It depends upon the type of receptacle that is used for warming the wax in the wax tart warmer.

There can be different types of tart warmers like some are powered by flame while others by electric power. Depending upon that you need to make the arrangements. The tart warmers are available in different kind of styles, designs and shapes, you must use those are mainly for wax melts as if you use anything else then the desired temperature may not reach. It may be too higher and then the perfume in the scented wax melts will burn our quickly.

Flame-Powered Tart Warmers

There must be a bowl portion in the wax warmer where you will put the soy wax melts. Clean it properly by wiping with a paper towel. Check the bowl for nay cracks or holes as if there are nay it is not safe to use it. Then set the bowl at the top of the burner base.

Take the wax melt and put in inside the bowl. Depending upon the size of the bowl and the size of melts, you can keep one, two or more melts inside the bowl.
Then light the wick of a candle and place it beneath the bowl in the warmer.
After the warmer is used you can blow out the wick of the tea light candle used earlier.

Electric Tart Warmers

First check out if there is a bowl portion in the electric tart warmer or there is a wax chamber. If there is bowl then place the melt in it. If there is wax chamber then slide the melt inside the chamber of the burner.
There may be different designs available for melts, choose one that can support different types of tart melts.

Take the plug and put it in the wall outlet. After putting it on flip the switch on the warmer and turn it on. There may be a light bulb that will help you to identify if the warmer is on or not.

After using the wax warmer you can stop and unplug it. After the wax cools let it get hardened. You can remove the hardened wax after it get cools. Later if you preserve it properly you can use it again.

Before using it again you must check out if the fragrance is still there. If it is gone then there are other ways in which you can use it.

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