#LivingChic: How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Living Room

#LivingChic: How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Living Room

To achieve a modern farmhouse look for your living room, it requires an integration of modern design tips and countryside features. This design is widely gaining popularity and here are some of the ways that you can achieve this look for your living room.


Before starting on anything, you should ensure that the house has a farmhouse setting. This ranges from the ceiling, floor and walls. When it comes to the floors, you should go with wooden floors. This will set the stage for the furnishings and decorations. You can also select a ceiling that is made out of wood with metallic light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Adding some wooden wall décor will also further enhance the look. Some bricks can be incorporated into the room. The walls and fireplace can be made out of wood or bricks. Adding some paint to the walls will give it a modern touch.




To create a farm look in your living room, you should ensure that a high percentage of your furniture is made out of wood. Any type of wood will work for the furniture but you should ensure there are straight, sleek and clean lines on the furniture. The pieces of wood in the furniture should be exposed to display the natural beauty of your room. To add more comfort, you can add soft cushions and pillows to the furniture. When making or selecting the furniture, do not go with those that will make your house look too old or too country. You can add some modern touches including buttoned sofas and chairs. This gives you both modern and country. Other pieces of furniture made out of wood can include window shatters and panels. You can even add sliding barn doors to add to the theme.



As with every other modern home designs, you should choose neutral colours that will give your living room a calm and relaxing feel. When choosing the colours, you can pick a mixture of white and other earthy shades like grey and brown. You should not bring in too much attention to the room with too many bright colours. You should also ensure the same with the finishes. You can add a few bright colours to the room when it comes to the rugs and textiles.




While wood comprises the major aspect of a farmhouse living room, you can do something extra and add some industrial accents to the furnishings and interior. This feature is mainly used for the light fixtures. Cool toned metal pieces in the room will ensure that you will achieve a modern look and at the same time maintain the country design that you were going for.


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You can add some extra features to the house to make it even more modern. Hang a skull of a deer on the wall or have some fresh flowers placed in jars. However, you should not add too many features that will make the house appear clattered.

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