#LivingChic: How to do Parisian Home Décor

#LivingChic: How to do Parisian Home Décor

The Parisian interior is imbued with the romantic spirit of Paris. The Eiffel Tower rises above the rest of the styles, avoiding their one-sidedness and certainty. Borrowing noble luxury from Baroque and Empire, the simplicity of lines and materials from high-tech, deliberate originality from a rustic style, it retained individuality and elegance.


The Persian home décor has its unique style. It is sort of chic, elegant, & very sophisticated.

Here are the useful tips if you are planning to décor your home in Parisian style:


Give it a little sparkle:
Parisian Home Décor is striking rarely but normally you can see bit brightness in the shape of a vintage chandelier. The older the piece, the better it looks. The idea is that your roof looks original as if it existed since the time of Marie Antoinette.

Go for the vintage:
Paris is famous for its flea markets which appear every weekend in a different district, filling the streets with undiscovered treasures. Parisians are always looking for unique things so when they choose decorative elements for their home, they spend time investigating and choosing carefully that special item taken from these antique fairs.


The large spider-shaped bohemian crystal chandeliers are essential to achieving this Parisian look at home. If you do not have high ceilings, it is advisable to acquire smaller models.

Mouldings on ceilings and doors:
If there is anything that characterizes the historic houses of Paris are the elaborate mouldings of plaster that embellish ceilings and frames of doors and windows. Together with the white walls, they add a palatial touch to any space. As with chandeliers, it is essential to have a considerable height in the ceilings.

Mix styles:
Mixing old art with new books makes different and eclectic space. Although the French have the advantages of living in beautiful buildings which do not mean you cannot recreate the same style. You can easily combine modern pieces of furniture which are easily available in the market.

The colour gold appears in frames of mirrors, the pictures of the walls and in complements. It is the colour associated with luxury and wealth and the Parisian style has always boasted about it.
Persian rugs:
Persian rugs with elaborate hand-made drawings are another key to achieving a Parisian style in our house. The older and more laborious, the more impact it will have on the style of your home.

Marble is one of the favourite materials of this style for its purity, quality, and finishes. They use it in tables, sculptures and all kinds of decorative objects.


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