#Wellness: How to Master Your Morning Routine

#Wellness: How to Master Your Morning Routine

How to Master Your Morning Routine

When we reach that age of 20, we believe we are ready to go out into the street, eat the world and be the independent and glamorous women that Carrie Bradshaw promised us in Sex and the City. Well, we went out and it was not as expected, especially the glamour part. Living alone really is a daily challenge. Take care of a house or apartment, it's like adopting a new member to your life and let's be honest, in many of the cases, we do not take care of ourselves.


Prepare your next day's clothes:

With time you will become more and more fanatical of this tip. Not only will you get rested and good at work or school but you will also improve your style because you will have more time to perfect it.


Put the alarm clock on the other side of the room:    

It sounds horrible and you will hate it but it will be the only way you will literally get up once and for all. You will also avoid falling into the trap of the "five minutes more" that your cell phone alarms always offer you.



The mornings are the best to meditate or think about the day you have to come. Some say that five minutes is enough but if you can, it takes 20 minutes to be silent.

Although many listen to music all day, also give yourself those minutes to be in the company only with your thoughts and fix or at least give a little order to everything you have in mind.


Affirm what you want to achieve:

Focus on what you are going to achieve, repeat everything you will do and thus activate that survival instinct that will not rest until you have achieved the minimum required to reach that goal.

Note down your schedule:

Start a notebook of annotations. It should not necessarily be a diary but pointing out what you should do, what you want to achieve, your dreams, fears or needs is also a great help.


Have a healthy breakfast:

Maybe it's not revolutionary but having healthy breakfast, taking your time to do it and enjoying it will make you see changes in your metabolism and attitude. Think of all those times that you had a cup of coffee and you have two bites to a piece of bread before running away, those days were left behind.


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