LivingChic: Instagram worthy travel destinations

LivingChic: Instagram worthy travel destinations

Social networks are already part of our daily lives. We spend a lot of time sharing our experiences through the network and for this reason more people are worried about choosing photogenic tourist destinations to brag about on the Internet.

But not only that but in on social networks, we also enjoy the lives of celebrities who post their travel photos under hashtags like #sunset or #wanderlust. And we, as followers of all these accounts, do nothing but save these precious images to plan our next journey.

The most tagged destinations in social networks:
Below, we present you the most popular destinations according to social networks. Facebook or Instagram users have considered these places as the most interesting in the world to photograph; do not miss the opportunity to see them for yourself!

New York:
The Big Apple is one of the most emblematic places on the planet and also considered so on Instagram. Some locations, such as Times Square or Central Park, are among the most labelled places in the world of social networks. The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building are also essential appointments for tourists.

But, in reality, any photograph of the skyscrapers in the city will become a success on the Internet.


Las Vegas:
The neons, the casinos and the replicas of monuments from all over the world make Las Vegas a unique tourist destination in the world. This amusement park for adults is one of the favourite visits of those who seek to have fun and enjoy the shows of all kinds that take place daily in the city.


Paris, the city of love, one of the tourist destinations par excellence for centuries, is not far behind in popularity on social networks.

Particularly the Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed buildings on the Internet where tourists strive to get the most original photo of this iron structure.

But the rest of the charms of the city are not far behind. From incredible museums such as the Louvre or emblematic neighbourhoods such as the Latin Quarter, Paris is another ideal destination for a break on the December Bridge.


The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world and another of the great protagonists of social networks. The most populated city of the United Arab Emirates also offers tourists excursions through the desert, where they can continue searching for the perfect picture in the reddish landscape. In addition, in Dubai, we can enjoy some of the best and most luxurious shopping centres in the world.





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