LivingChic: Thrifty Tricks to Get a glamorous home on a budget

LivingChic: Thrifty Tricks to Get a glamorous home on a budget

If you are looking for the greatest hacks for a glamorous home, you are here at the right place. Here are several thrifty tricks you can utilise to design your home look more glamorous.

Browse the flea markets & craft fairs in search of furniture or furnishings:
You can get some unique art pieces. Many people selling quality furniture pieces at low prices because they move to a smaller place or have bought new furniture. It is worth recovering some of the old furniture by painting or repairing them to look new since they are usually made of wood.

Renovate the rooms by replacing outdated curtains and curtains with more modern ones:
Surround the windows with a new moulding and paint it white to give it a touch of light that contrasts with a darker coloured wall. Paint the room a humid colour that matches with the furniture that we have in it.

Laminate flooring:
If the carpet has been worn, remove and replace it with a laminate floor that is more durable and it can light a room. We can buy laminating floors or opt for more expensive flooring covers such as tile or wood for super glam!
Illuminate a room with an elegant lamp:
The large sized dark rooms can come elegant and look super with the right amount of lighting.

If it seems costly to buy a new light lamp, you can renew an older one by painting it or changing the screen.

Reduce clutter as much as possible and reduce the number of decoration items:
A large amount of clutters makes a house look scruffy and small. Eliminating clutter will help make your room look bigger and more glamorous.

Buy new appliances or furniture when the season ends:
Most of the specialised stores have to get rid of the merchandise at the end of the season to make room for the new one. If you wait until the items are at a bargain price you can save a lot of money.
If you cannot afford to buy new appliances, you can repair any chipping or scratching that we already have with a little hand and the repair kits sold at the hardware stores.

Renovate the kitchen giving a change to the cabinets:
You may not have the budget to replace the kitchen furniture but changing the doors does not cost much money. You can also paint or line and add new handles to make the furniture look new and luxurious.


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