#Well-being How to utilise your candles for well-being

#Well-being How to utilise your candles for well-being

Candles give us light, the eternal principle of the universe. They are essences that fill our homes with spiritual energy and create a special atmosphere. In addition, it also offers for well-being.

The candle in ways can represent the human being. The wax to the physical body, and the wick the mind and the flame, the spirit. It is recommended to use to relieve stress, have moments of tranquillity and inner peace.

Since primitive man discovered how to light the fire, overcoming darkness and cold, humanity has been fascinated by the strength and power of this element.

Relax the Mind:
Observe the fire. Get involved in the shapes and colours of the flame. It dispels the mind, expels bad thoughts and clears worries. Do this practice in a place without noise or distractions.

Increase the perception:
Meditation in front of a warm light source like that of a candle, open channels of perception that were obstructed by reason and teaches you to give alternative solutions to problems that you thought were definitive.

It allows concentration:
If you find yourself clueless, with difficulty completing a task, try to remove the sources of energy that distract you, noise, clutter, strong lights. Relax in the light of some candles for a few minutes and resume your task using this light.
Clean the environment:
The candles detoxify the environment of bad energies, returning to the environment harmony and warmth. Especially if you use white candles anointed with some lavender or lemon oil.

Create a special atmosphere:
If you want to change the mood, desires or thoughts of someone: create a cosy, romantic or almost hypnotic atmosphere with decorative candles of light colours or pastel. This will make people feel comfortable.


Perform a ritual:
Light and matter are energy. And the mind can direct it towards a certain end. The jumps of energy that cross space and time belong to this world and that is where candles lend their usefulness. It is important to be aware of everything you do in the ritual since the energy and intention must be applied with gentleness and clarity at all times.

Generates protection:
If you feel unprotected, fragile or distressed, nothing better than lighting a white candle to call the Beings of Light, requesting their protective presence.
In this way, create the perfect mood and enjoy well-being using candles.

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