#Wellbeing: Nine simple and natural tips to manage stress

#Wellbeing: Nine simple and natural tips to manage stress

In situations that the brain considers "threatening," the brain prepares the body to defend itself. The nervous system becomes alert and certain hormones that serve to activate the senses are released.

When stress is temporary, it does not hurt much. But if it lasts for an indefinite time, the body has to remain in this state of alert which causes a weakening of the defences, exhaustion, chronic stomach discomfort, headaches, and bad mood. Fortunately, you can use some natural remedies to restore your mental health.

How to relieve stress in a natural way?

Chamomile tea to relieve stress:
For many years chamomile has been used to relax. Take three cups a day.


Therapeutic baths:
Put chamomile, lavender and Valerian leaves on a cloth and keep it under the water with which you fill the tub to bathe.


There are three key points that you should massage. Give a message with the tip of your finger on the inside of the wrist, on the line that connects the navel and sternum, and at a point, that is at the top of the head, following the line that connects the ears.


Soft music is good for relieving stress:
It is a comfortable and quiet place to lie down, close your eyes and listen to soft music preferably instrumental.
Cucumber and celery to relieve stress:
Clean the cucumber and celery and peel them. Mix them in equal parts. Take a glass on an empty stomach.

Meditation to be less stressed:
In a quiet place sit comfortably and meditate. Close your eyes and focus on some positive phrase. Try guided meditations which focus on positive affirmations.


Relaxation exercise:
Sit or lie down in a quiet and comfortable place and close your eyes. Bend the toes strongly for 2 minutes and relax. Follow with the muscles of the feet, legs, etc. until you reach the head.

Take time to relax:
Spend at least 20 minutes every day and do something that aids your body into relaxation. A good exercise to relax is to inhale and squeeze certain body muscles. Then exhaling and releasing the muscles to relaxes them.
Then you can go ahead with the next group of muscles and repeat the same. Start with the toes and gradually reach the face.


Another good exercise to relieve stress is to visualise yourself in a relaxing place like the beach or some other place surrounded by nature.

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