#Wellness: What You need for a dreamy nights sleep

#Wellness: What You need for a dreamy nights sleep

Many of us find it difficult to fall asleep with nights too short and days spent fatigued.

Sleeping well is one of the keys to physical and psychological well-being.

Here are important tips that should allow you to fall into a restful nights sleep.

Take a bath before sleeping:
Nothing is more relaxing than a bath when the fatigue of the day is so intense that it turns into stress. Water should not be too hot or too cold. Around 38 °C, is perfect. Sift the lights, light a scented candle, play music that you like.

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Read before you fall asleep:
Instead of hanging in front of a TV program that you only watch with one eye barely open, opt for a good book. A light book or a classic, it does not matter if it corresponds to your desire of the moment. Nothing is better to start your night than to escape thanks to paper characters. You isolate yourself from the world, cut yourself with your daily life and you enter your bubble.

Drink herbal tea:
Simply holding a warm mug of herbal tea is comforting. Take a cup of green tea, white tea, or any other herbal tea that has an infusion with plants that has been specially chosen for their action on relaxation and sleep.


Turn off the screens 30 minutes before going to bed:
This is a very important point to consider. You should off the screen of your computer, mobile phone, and laptop 30 minutes before going to bed. Far from soothing us, these screens mobilise our brain, excite our neurons and prevent us from getting ready to sleep. Our eyes need a break, our head too. Not to mention the waves that broadcast all these devices. Therefore, we should aim to turn off all half an hour before going to bed.


Do not eat too much or too late:
Having a good diet especially in the evening is of high importance. Eat before 7pm and settle for a light meal to avoid imposing too much tension on your bodies digestive system, which can create difficulties when it is supposed to pause and rest! Favour vegetables, leafy greens and complex carbs with limited fats and sugars.



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